Course towards the future: Modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity

Two anthologies of selected Kazakh creative writers will be available for the first time in English. These are part of an initiative by President Nazarbayev, intended to preserve Kazakhstan’s cultural identity and support the country to thrive in the modern world.

Bayterek Tower

The unique landscape and history of Kazakhstan have shaped its rich cultural identity.

Bayterek Tower

In his 2017 state of the nation address, President Nazarbayev announced the Third Modernization of Kazakhstan. An initiative designed to spur the country’s development to become more competitive in the global economy. One of the main pillars of this programme is the translation of two anthologies of modern Kazakh literature – one prose, one poetry – into six UN languages, which is the focus of this project. Learn more

A new anthology of the thirty Kazakh poets since independence, translated into English for the first time. This diverse anthology of the thirty Kazakh poets writing since Kazakhstan’s independence in 1991 explores themes from love, family, and belonging to landscape, history, and modernity. These evocative poems provide direct insight into the culture, connections, and aspirations of a nation reconnecting with its past and forging its own path to the future.

A new anthology of the thirty Kazakh prose writers since independence, translated into English for the first time. From lyrical realism to mythical retelling, from comedy to tragedy, this anthology of the thirty Kazakh prose writers since independence explores life under Soviet rule, history, tradition, Kazakhs’ relationship with the vast landscape, and the nation’s future. These thoughtful and thought-provoking texts cut to the heart of a nation forging its identity afresh from traditions of the past and hopes for the future.


The vast landscape, folk traditions, and its people’s nomadic roots all run deep through Kazakhstan’s heritage. Learn more

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