Poem of the week: And Again About Love by Akkushtap Baktygereyeva

Haddy Ndure | 30 July 2019

Love, I have come back to you again –

be my theme, repeating once more.

There is no life without love, there is no happiness.

I have nothing more to say.

If you want to endure the hardships of life,

you need a song, you need human contact.

You only have one shot at this one and only life,

life must be loved passionately.

If you truly love, then your eyes gleam differently.

A strong stream begins a new course.

To find happiness and respect on Earth,

first you need to love people.

We must love the white dawn, the radiance of the Sun.

We must be able to love the flower’s image.

We must read legends of olden times,

about girls who died, deprived of their chosen loves.

Shouldn’t a girl be a wife for a husband, a mother for a child?

We didn’t realise there is no joy without girls,

but they don’t write stories about those who

married by calculation – they leave us no legends.

I composed poems about love before that.

Today I return in its defence.

If you are too weak-willed to love a spouse,

I doubt that you can love people …

From: Contemporary Kazakh Poetry, published by NBT in partnership with Cambridge University Press.

Written by: Akkushtap Baktygereyeva

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