The National Bureau of Translations

The National Bureau of Translations (NBT) was set up in 2017 to implement the project «New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 New Textbooks in Kazakh». The NBT translates from and into Kazakh both in academic and non-academic areas and ensures publication and delivery of its print products.

The agenda of the NBT is contribution to the advancement of Kazakhstani academic knowledge by translating into Kazakh and raising awareness of Kazakhstani literature and culture worldwide by translating from Kazakh. The abovementioned project, as well as the translation and publication of the two anthologies of Kazakh literature in six UN languages, is the part of the “Rukhani Zhangyru” (Modernisation of Public Consciousness or Spiritual Rebirth of the Nation) state programme and “Modern Kazakh Culture in the Global World” project implemented by the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy (Leader of the Nation) Nursultan Nazarbayev. The programme also includes preservation of significant historic sites in Kazakhstan and highlighting new leaders in various fields of social life.

Academic translation and publication. Within the framework of the project «New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 New Textbooks in Kazakh» the most popular university textbooks on history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, anthropology, culturology, theology, linguistics, innovation, media, economics, management and entrepreneurship are being translated into Kazakh to raise the academic capacity of Kazakhstan. As a part of the translation and publication of the textbooks, close partnership is being built with the world’s best universities, research centers and publishing houses. The textbooks are being distributed to the country’s 110 universities and introduced to the Kazakh academic curriculum first time.

Literary translation and publication. Despite having strong traditions and literary merits Kazakh literature has not been sufficiently presented at the world literary context. A significant project in this regard is the translation of two anthologies of Contemporary Kazakh literature (Prose and Poetry) into six UN languages. Comprised of works of more than 60 authors, it is a first comprehensive anthology of Kazakh literature the 60s onwards, first time speaking in six major languages at once and distributed in 93 countries worldwide. The gross print-run is 60 000 copies to be delivered to the major universities, research centres and public libraries. The Arabic version of the anthologies is prepared by publishing house Media Hub, as the Chinese is by The Ethnic Publishing House of the Republic of China, the French is by Michel de Maule with the support of the Mayor of Paris, the English is by Cambridge University Press, the Russian is by Publishing House of the Moscow State University with the support of Moscow branch of the Union of Writers of Russia, and the Spanish is by Visor Libros. This unique project is announced to be followed by two more volumes of Contemporary Kazakh Literature in the years to come.

Cambridge University Press (Press) is a not-for-profit organisation and a non-teaching department of the University of Cambridge. The Press is committed to improving education equity and quality, raising standards, and giving learners the knowledge, understanding and practical skills to succeed in the modern world.

The Education Reform department at the Press works with governments and civil society organisations to develop and implement high-impact programmes of educational change. Working in partnership to understand and address local contexts, needs, and objectives, it publishes high-quality teaching and learning materials, develop skills in publishing, train teachers, and communicate and reach key stakeholders to support our partners achieve its goals.

Sustainability lies at the heart of their work. The Press works in collaboration at every step of the way, to ensure local ownership of projects and deliver long-term impact to enable continuous improvement.

Moscow University Press

Moscow University Press is the oldest university publishing house in Russia that issues scientific literature and textbooks. The authors’ pool includes leading professors and researchers of Moscow State University. Moscow University Press publishes books in almost all sciences for researchers and scholars, for students as well as books for a wider public.

MSU Press yearly publishes more than 150 issues of the academic periodical “Moscow University Bulletin” (various series), “Bulletin of Moscow Society of Naturalists” (two series) and others.

The Publishing House Visor Libros began editing in 1968 and since then has published about 1,500 titles, specialising in books of Literature and General Linguistics. Its collections of poetry are the most prestigious in the Spanish language, and it has received several awards in both Spain and Latin America. Its catalogue includes authors of numerous nationalities, and more than ten writers who have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature

The Visor Libros considers that translating is a work of creation, through which the spirit and idea of the original should be reflected. Translating a text into another language involves a limited degree of freedom, respecting the tone and form of the original, but also adjusting to the rules of the language to which it is being transposed, so that the spirit of the original text retains its meaning and stylistic forms.

The literature of Kazakhstan is currently little represented in the Spanish-speaking literary market, and its undoubted quality makes it important to address this scarcity. It is a key aim of Visor Libros that the literature, novels and poetry that are being developed in this country should be recognized in the whole Hispanic world.

The books that we publish in Visor Libros are sent to several countries of Latin America; to various universities and libraries in the USA, Germany, etc.

Media Hub group was established as a publishing house and is a leading company in reaching consumers in today’s massive and diverse market, having been involved in more than 85 Arabic and English publications and overseen more than 30 websites and platforms.

Media Hub group specializes in connecting the dots in order to produce a comprehensive vivid picture of what would be the most efficient route to connect with prospects, ensuring maximum reach and exposure. Our belief in taking creative initiatives has led us to publish more than 12 magazines.

Founded thirty-three years ago by Thierry de La Croix, Michel de Maule have from the beginning had the ambition to be a house of high literary requirement, in search of young talents and of never-translated texts from French or foreign literature.

This editorial policy quickly came to the notice of critics and literary circles through the publication of authors such as R. Detambel, G. Leroy and Ph. Walter (Collège de France) and the publication of unpublished works by Cocteau, Moravia, Penna and Pirandello, as well as Giordano Bruno, Dos Passos, Liné, Rilke and Tagore, to name just a few.

Michel de Maule has become one of the few independent French houses to publish thirty to thirty-five titles per year; its live catalogue contains some 500 references.