Poem of the week: Prosperity by Kulash Akhmetova

Haddy Ndure | 16 July 2019

In a world full of chaos, what would happen if we focused on turning the bad to good?

Everything is wise in nature,

so live and bless life

each morning, each night,

returns us to paradise.

Roads lead us to history,

to show us the coming day.

Kites, penguins, rhinos,

even small dragonflies –

live praising her abundance

Let earthly misfortune,

earthly turmoil, and man’s

bad temper pass you by.

So much evil in the world!

No one is innocent among the

passing multitudes – as, age upon

age, we reduce the world to ashes.

Shamelessly, we have trampled

over birds and beasts, but has it made us

any stronger, having driven

innocent birds from their nests?

No, it’s us who are defenceless,

as much as these poor animals.

Human and animal now one –

the bullet is heading our way too

Nature dictates our food and shelter.

As we search for a new path to the future,

direct us and make us understand.

Restore God’s world to its fine

luminous beginnings where

the creator gathered ungrateful

people for an eternal feast.

But, envious and malicious,

we have defiled God’s gift.

Forgive us our stupid epochs,

drunk with war and apocalypse.

We’ve been stuck in this madness

so long, we have lost count …

yet, it did not destroy our native genius,

it did not cause our people to scatter

Our voice is the master of comparisons,

a poet with an all-encompassing soul,

it offers its unique take,

on this great enlightened world.

And my people call their kuda

for a thousand happy years.

Be plentiful and holy,

my earth, my native world.

Let our enemy fear us.

Let prosperity come.

Let the beautiful spirit blossom.

Let the bright mind sharpen.

Let us make this change.

I look forward to that time.

Kuda – refers to in-laws

From: Contemporary Kazakh Poetry, published by NBT, in partnership with 
Cambridge University Press

Written by Kulash Akhmetova

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