Poem of the week: When I lean on your shoulder

Haddy Ndure | 1 July 2019

When I lean on your shoulder,

a sudden frenzy breaks out

and dies in my heart.

O my darling,

let us stop this rage of beating hearts.

Let them not make a record of noise!

When I lay my head on your shoulder,

my soul unlocks as if at royal gates!

My poor heart hides its pulsing beat

my eyes try not to heave a sigh.

I am mesmerised by your innocence.

You are a model of honesty.

I forgive the betrayal of the world

when I lay my head on your shoulder.

Title of poem: When I lean on your shoulder

From: Contemporary Kazakh Poetry, published by NBT, in partnership with
Cambridge University Press

Written by Tanagoz Tolkynkyzy

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