“We have reached a milestone in our partnership”

Haddy Ndure | 13 May 2019

Head of International Development, Education Reform, Annie Michailidou, on Cambridge University Press partnership with the National Bureau of Translations on the Rukhani Zhanghyru programme.

Annie Michailidou is the Head of International Development at the Education Reform team at Cambridge University Press (the Press). At the recent launch of the two Anthologies, developed via a partnership between the Press and the National Bureau of Translations (NBT), Annie speaks of the importance of this programme in helping Kazakhstan lay the foundations for a strengthened cultural and historical identity in the International world.

Tell us about the role of Cambridge in this project.

Today we reached a milestone in our partnership with the National Bureau of Translations, at the launch of these Anthologies.

The Education Reform team at the Press works with governments and organisations all over the world, and we are very proud to have the opportunity to engage with and cultivate artistic and cultural heritage in the countries where we operate.

Kazakhstan’s deep and rich history makes our engagement here particularly rewarding. Cambridge, over the 10 last years has been involved in different projects in Kazakhstan working with Nazarbeyev Intellectual Schools and the Nazarbayev University.

What is the Rukhani Zhangyru Prorgamme?

President Nazarbayev’s announcement of the important and inspirational Rukhani Zhanghyru program places Kazakh culture at the heart of its progress, and we at the Press are extremely honoured to be playing our part in the translation of these works of poetry and prose.

Our partnership with the National Bureau of Translations will translate the work of over 60 writers into English for the first time.

What has it been like for Cambridge partnering with Kazakhstan?

As a University press, we have a special responsibility to promote scholarship that recognises and documents traditions and histories of social and public value, and we are privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to the development of Kazakhstan’s artistic and cultural heritage through the Rukhani Zhangyru programme.

It is impressive that a nation so focused on taking its place at the forefront of the digital age, with an emphasis on new technologies, and scientific innovation, has not lost sight of the value and importance of culture in national identity, and in developing human capital.

What will the International world take away from the anthologies?

Our aim is to raise awareness of modern Kazakh writing since independence, and to get these books into the hands of libraries and academics, locally and internationally.

Through this initiative, many great works of Kazakh literature will be available in English for the first time – giving an opportunity to readers across English speaking countries to learn about Kazakh culture.

More information about Rukhani Zhangyru Programme

More information on the Anthologies launch

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